Specialty Birthday Party Packages

Specialty parties pay particular attention to each party’s particular theme. They are workshop-style parties and will include multiple stations throughout the room with a minimum of four projects per party. All themed parties include paper products, themed goodie bags, table coverings, banner, themed centerpiece for use during the party and all project materials.

$325 starting fee; please call us for additional details.


  • Slime Party: is your child obsessed with slime? Do you want to keep the mass as far from your home as possible? TeachArt2Me has the ultimate solution. Our slime parties feature multiple slime creation stations making glitter slime, foamy slime, booger slime, mermaid slime, monster slime, butter slime, fluffy slime, glow in the dark slime and many more.
  • Unicorns: Is your child crazy about unicorns? Then this themed party is perfect! Project include but are not limited to headbands, tails, embellished decorative cut outs, jewelry and more.
  • Harry Potter: Even Muggles will be thrilled by this themed party. We will create everything a new wizard needs to head to Hogwarts, including (but not limited to) wands, potions, mandrakes, sorting hats, house banners, Patronuses, and more.
  • Digging Dinosaurs: Go back in time and create ‘terrible lizards’ of your own. Go on a ‘Dig’ and discover fossils. Fun for everyone.
  • Pretty Princess: Tiaras, wands, & pink princess ‘pretties’; every little girls’ dream!
  • Superheroes: Here we come to save the day! You’ll be the HERO at this super party where we make capes, masks, shields and more to become your own masked marvel!