News and Updates


Big thanks to Jen for everything she does with our website– recently we updated it so it’s sleeker and more convenient! We’ve even added online registration! Yay!

Also special thanks to Katy for collaborating with Jen on the website graphics!

Please pardon any glitches in our new website – if you experience any at all please bring it to our attention, we want it to run as smoothly as possible

We are changing our logo! Be on the lookout for the new and improved TA2M!
We are hiring!! We’re looking for teachers for our summer camps as well as weekend helpers for shows and festivals! Contact us if you’re interested in joining our awesome crew!

Director's Notes

Its Spring! The good weather is upon us and its time to get outside and explore. One thing that can take your kids art to the next level is TOUCHING!!!!!!! TOUCH EVERYTHING (that is safe to touch of course!) Textures are tough to visually grasp for some so touching is a great way to introduce multiple modalities into solidifying textural concepts. Tactile learning thru literally hugging a tree, Walking on the grass barefoot, Rubbing blossoms and blooms between your fingertips all will help the brain process what it Looks like thru the sense of touch!

Colors are also abounding this time of year — talk about the difference between the crocus purple and a lilac purple! Can you see differences in the new leaves green color to when they mature and become “adult leaves?”

Now is the time that not just the Earth but we call come alive!