Winter Vacation Days

Drop in for an hour or all three per session! Lunch bunch can be added for $12 if you want to stay all day! Registration required for lunch in advance if possible! materials included except for firable clay and paint your own pottery . We follow the Glastonbury school system schedule as far as breaks are concerned. February is a long weekend and April is a full week. We will be opened on Presidents day this year. $12 per hour

AM 9:00am to 12pm
PM 1:00pm to 4:00pm

* Paint Your Own Pottery Workshop – We will just charge by the piece and won’t charge you for the time you’re here. This is open to all ages

February Break

Monday, February 20th
(AM) Historical Crafts – Tin lanterns, Weaving, Candle making, woodworking, leather crafts
(PM) Same as AM session—Buffet style
Tuesday, February 21st
(AM) Painting and Drawing — stencils, templates and color media
(PM) Recycling and Repurposing for arts sake – Household and random materials

April Break

Monday, April 10th
(AM) Color exploration — variety of materials
(PM) Spring Crafts — windchimes, kites, planters
Tuesday, April 11th
(AM) 3-D Media — Sculpting materials
(PM) Animal Crafts — multi media / science facts
Wednesday, April 12th
(AM) Pop Art — from Warhol to graphics
(PM) Textiles — tye dye, marbleizing and more
Thursday, April 13th
(AM) Paper-making and Printmaking
(PM) Woodworking — tools, kits and staining
Friday, April 14th
(AM) Candle making and candle holders

(PM) Paint your own Pottery – Extra fees for firing and piece purchase — Plaster can be done with no additional fees and just open studio cost